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What's Your Delicious?

I want to know what you think is Delicious! Send me an email and tell me what amazing food experience I'm missing out on.



What is the Search For Delicious?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was The Search for Delicious, by Natalie Babbit. It is a story about trying to define Delicious for the royal dictionary—something that proves to be a very difficult, nearly Civil War inciting task. It turns out that everyone has their own steadfast definition of Delicious, for one it is fried fish, for another an apple, and so on and so on.

But then, in the brutal heat of summer, there is a drought. For a variety of reasons that I will not get in to here (you really should read the book if you haven’t already—amazon link), a very nasty man has built a dam and caused the river of the kingdom to dry up. Everyone is dying of thirst and all the people of the kingdom gather together and angrily march to the now empty riverbed in a desperate attempt to find water. Events transpire, the dam is broken, and the river flows once more. The people finally get their much needed drink of water. And at that moment, all people agree: The definition of Delcious is a drink of cool water when you are very, very thirsty.

As the owner and head chef of Miss Elisabeth’s Catering, and as a passionate lover of food and of eating, I am constantly searching for Delicious. Whether it is the slice of pizza I grab from my favorite neighborhood pizza place as I rush into subway, or the salty chewy delight of a littleneck clam washed down with a cold beer, or a big steaming bowl of spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese at 11:00 at night when I get home after a grueling job, my search for Delicious is an insatiable quest.

For me, Delicious is not only about eating delicious foods, but it's about where, when, and with whom you eat them.

This blog is dedicated to my Search for Delicious. In it, I will visit restaurants, go food shopping, cook, share recipes and experiences, and talk about food and how it relates to and shapes my life. And as I write about my food experiences, I encourage you to share your own Searches with me.

What is your Delicious?

Chef Elisabeth

Executive Chef Elisabeth Weinberg established Miss Elisabeth's Catering in the Spring of 2003. A native New Yorker and graduate of Barnard College and NYC’s French Culinary Institute, Chef Elisabeth caters to a sophisticated and diverse palate. Her extensive repertoire includes modern and traditional French and Italian cuisine, Southern cooking and BBQ, Dim Sum…really, anything and everything! With her Orthodox Jewish background, she can also accommodate clients interested in Kosher menus.

When designing custom menus for her clients, Chef Elisabeth focuses on ways to utilize seasonal, organic and local foods, with attention to the highest quality ingredients. Chef Elisabeth is passionate about supporting local farms and she shops almost exclusively at the Union Square Greenmarket. She believes a chef is only as good as her ingredients. For every dish she cooks, she seeks out the best ingredients she can find—from the salt that she seasons with, to the herbs she uses, to the meat, fish and produce. You can truly taste the attention and care she puts into her cooking.